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2022 APAC EMMAS - Vote for Global Mobility Professional of the Year

Global Mobility Professional of the Year (CHOSEN BY YOU)

Once again, this award will be nominated & judged by the FEM Global Mobility community – YOU.

Winners in this category are those likely to be considered for the Outstanding Contribution Award in future years.

Diwakar Gupta

Nominee's Job Title

Joint Managing Director

Nominee's Company

IKAN Relocation Services India Pvt Ltd

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Diwakar Gupta is a 25-year mobility leader who exemplifies Industry values: VISION, INTEGRITY, INNOVATION, EMPOWERMENT.

VISION: In the decade since India liberalised in 1993, the country enjoyed overseas investments and companies established their bases in India. These companies needed to relocate their talent to India to ensure the success of their new operations. Local HR departments struggled to manage the sudden influx of assignees into India. In 1996 Diwakar Gupta and his childhood friend, Rohit Kumar embraced the emerging business opportunity and submerged themselves into creating a relocation business – IKAN Relocation was born. What followed was years of hard work. They needed to educate local HR departments on the deeper meaning of workforce mobility and how IKAN’s services added value. Diwakar relentlessly persuaded Human Resources to outsource IKAN’s bespoke, outcome-driven services.

INTEGRITY: IKAN was a “Garage” start-up. Diwakar set up a small office in his house and deftly managed multiple roles: business development, account management and on-the- ground consulting. Three years later, by 1999, Diwakar’s arduous work paid dividends and IKAN grew to over 100 staff including well-respected DSP, Immigration, and moving practices. In 2008 Santa Fe purchased the shares of the IKAN founders, and IKAN became the first acquired Indian DSP. Diwakar remained as Managing Director to head Santa Fe’s new India business and under his stewardship, Santa Fe thrived and their India business grew five folds in five years. Diwakar left Santa Fe in 2014 and re-started the new “IKAN” with his original business partner, Rohit Kumar. Under Diwakar’s leadership, IKAN 2.0 - the “NEW IKAN” has again become one of the fastest growing, most recognised, and awarded DSP in the world, winning Fourteen global awards since 2020. Diwakar consistently plays a transformative role in the company’s success. In 2022, he relocated with his family from New Delhi to Bengaluru. His forward-thinking, strategic decision impacted the company’s growth trajectory, as Bengaluru emerged as India’s “Silicon Valley.” Bengaluru attracts significant numbers of talented workers. Today IKAN’s Bengaluru office remains its busiest.

INNOVATION: Diwakar is passionate about Technology. He master-minded India’s first self-relocation portal – “VirtualRelo,” intended for use for Intra-India population on lumpsum packages. “VirtualRelo” is an award-winning, remarkably successful tool. Because of Diwakar’s tech-consultative skills, he was recognized to join Cartus’ Technology group and mentor other DSPs/partners on their technology initiatives. He previously served as a member on the Worldwide ERC APAC committee and provided consultation when they hosted their first India conference in 2017.

EMPOWERMENT: Social Responsibility is close to Diwakar’s heart. Under his leadership, IKAN maintains a Healthcare, Sustainability and Education initiative. The project, among other things, ensures an education, at no cost, for all the children of IKAN staff with low incomes. IKAN is proud that this special initiative has been so successful that one of the enrolled children became an engineer - another graduated with an MBA degree. Diwakar believes that a fulfilled, solutions-driven team are IKAN’s Ambassadors. Diwakar co-leads the company by living IKAN’s values: VISION, INTEGRITY, INNOVATION, EMPOWERMENT.

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Klaudia Krawczyk

Nominee's Job Title

Talent Mobility Partner

Nominee's Company


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From the very first moment with Global Mobility Klaudia has been fascinated with the complexity of international transfers, including taxation, immigration, social security matters, but most of all with people. During amazing 5,5 years, she has supported hundreds of mobility moves in all possible country combinations within EMEA and APAC as well as different scenarios such as assignments, localizations, extended business trips, commuting assignments starting with Analysts up to Managing Directors.

The first important project Klaudia was taking part in was the implementation of a Business Trip Tracking Tool as well as the BT Policy design at Fujitsu in repsonse to the EU Posted Workers Directive in 2018. During her assignment at Sanofi China in Shanghai the following year, she successfully coordinated the vendor transition in the APAC region. As COVID-19 hit Klaudia continued her Global Mobility adventure at BlackRock as an expat in Budapest. She has worked hard to get to know the Company to provide the best service, corporate agility as well as crisis management in light of the pandemic. In February 2022 Klaudia has been transferred internally, where based out of Hong Kong, she handles mobility moves as redeployment strategy between various BlackRock branches in APAC. Last but not least, she has driven successful onboarding of new vendors to improve employee experience as well as business satisfaction when it comes to the Global Mobility services at BlackRock.

Not only is Global Mobility something Klaudia does for a living, it is her passion that she pursues during after-work hours. She is a proud member of Global Mobility Journeys initiative acting as a their Ambassador. In the years 2020/21 she was recognized by Benivo’s The View from the Top among 100 and 250 Global Mobility Professionals worldwide. Klaudia is honored to hold the ERC GMS Certification as well as the EMEA Global Mobility Rising Star of the Year Award for 2021.

Klaudia is never afraid to speak up, present her ideas, solve problems by innovation. She steps out with advice on process improvements to increase efficiency and quality of service we provide. She is very persistent, agile and never give up, even during the most stressful situations.

To summarize, the experience of living abroad helped Klaudia to easily adapt to new situations, become eager to learn about different cultures as well as always overcome the challenges. Considering she has experienced all the expat struggles herself, she is capable of understanding people's concerns, properly managing expectations and providing the highest level of professional support - irrelevant if the transferee is an intern or a VIP Managing Director, the human factor in mobility support is what according to Klaudia matters the most.

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Mr. Raman Narula

Nominee's Job Title

Managing Director

Nominee's Company


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Raman has been a key catalyst in enhancing Global Mobility programs across India. His leadership is reflected in innovative changes that improve customer service, knowledge of responding to the growing Domestic Indian market and an overall attitude of resilience.

(1) Inspired his company to shift to become a “Human Centric Tech Driven Mobility company” Raman has been instrumental in building an organization where all global mobility programs are delivered through a human-centric technology platform. The in-house technology platform enhances communication between all stakeholders, reduces time & cost per case & improves client satisfaction. Formula Group’s balance of technology and a people-first approach provides reliable, seamless and empathetic services to all relocating employees, especially in a post pandemic world. Testimony to this is “Mobirelo” Mobile App.

Video Presentation…. Refer attached - Formula Group MobiRelo App Highlights

(2) Innovative & Adaptive Solutions to a Post Pandemic world:

(A) Post-pandemic India saw a surge in domestic relocation requirements with low budgets & high volumes. Raman responded by understanding the new Domestic Assignee’s behaviors and attitudes - self sourcing housing options, sharing accommodation with friends/relatives. He then set up a dedicated Account management & property sourcing team that could cater to this new market. Combined with Formula’s Mobirelo Technology, Formula could enhance communication and reduce time & cost per case. STATISTICS - Formula Group has successfully delivered 100 + Domestic programs in the span of 2 months.

(B) Introduction of Move Management Service vertical: While many focused on consolidating their resources during the pandemic and lockdown, Raman saw an opportunity to add Moving services as a vertical. Clients were looking for a cost-effective option to handle household goods and vehicle moves within India. He believed that this could give employees an opportunity to grow in an otherwise stagnant time. This also completed the chain of integrated Mobility Services at Formula Group (RELOCATION, IMMIGRATION, CORPORATE HOUSING, FLEET RENTALS & MOVING SERVICES) and strengthened the SINGLE WINDOW SERVICE MODEL CONCEPT.

(3) Took up the “IGNITE CHALLENGE” at the EURA Conference 2022 at Sevilla, Spain. Raman’s dynamic personality is reflective in his “YES” attitude. He took up the IGNITE challenge at EURA. The format was unique & challenging - with 20 slides that auto transitioned to the next every 15 seconds, with only graphics (No Content), His IGNITE TALK titled “The Unlearning Process” was most appreciated & Raman has surfaced as a true “Rockstar” and mesmerized the larger audience with his presence and talk at this popular event. Youtube Link -

(4) FORMULA McDONALD SERVICE MODEL Raman’s theory of the McDonald Service Model has inspired both Formula Teams and clients. Just Like the McDonald's Burger tastes the same in every outlet of any city you order, he ensures the Formula Service experience is consistent for all customers across India. A culturally diverse country where language, food habits & local laws differ in every state. His goal to take on this challenge and execute the McDonald Service Model is what keeps Formula Group growing.

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Ruth Lockwood

Nominee's Job Title

Head of Strategic Sales, South East Asia

Nominee's Company

Santa Fe Relocation

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Ruth Lockwood approaches her personal and professional relationships from the same core of values: honesty, integrity, respect, commitment, excellence – and always with a sense of humour.

As an ex-colleague and global services provider, she is the ultimate servant leader and a champion of the “win-win” approach. Ruth builds collaborative, consultative relationships, mindful of strategy and resources, and attentive to individual and corporate needs, with a keen awareness of the global environment and an innate ability to respond to challenges with agility, creativity, and resiliency.

She is always at the heart of any global team. Whether managing or participating individually, she supports and contributes to a culture of safe working, cooperation, continual learning, excellence, optimism, and teamwork. She is quick to offer coaching, mentoring, feedback, and recognition and has a warm and gracious style of delivery that engenders trust and acceptance.

She is recognized globally as an extraordinary professional with strong communication and presentation skills and caring sensitivity to those with and for whom she works. She is a natural “people connector” who is so positive and optimistic that she is often sought out for her counsel, compassion, and support.

She is described as a driving force who is a tremendous asset to her company and the mobility community, a shining star who is solutions-oriented, who consistently exceeds expectations, and whose commitment to customers and assignees is unparalleled. She is skilled in the complex technical and financial aspects of running a service delivery team, meticulous about compliance, and dedicated to exceptionally executing agreed-upon key performance indicators, service levels and other compliance measures. She is a detailed steward of the contracts between her company and its customers, ensuring that all parties uphold their contracted duties. Offered one customer from World bank: “To say that Ruth is well-prepared and plans for contingencies is putting it mildly. Ruth is a conductor who gets the whole supply chain facing our mutual customer synchronized. Mobility services are complex and very personal.

Ruth is a master of logistics but equally adept at acknowledging the personal side of service delivery. She has a holistic approach to problem-solving and understands the importance of tying off loose ends.” Ruth has lived and worked in ten countries: the UK, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, South Africa, and currently, Singapore (and during this recent move, she made the ultimate sacrifice for her work the industry by leaving her much-loved dog and companion Rufus behind due to airline restrictions). She has deep experience in the oversight and management of emerging markets, immense regional knowledge, and invaluable critical thinking abilities for all things global. It is no surprise that with nearly 25 years in the mobility industry, she has been called “a global leader for these times.”

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